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Characteristic of the GLS Program

1. Liberal arts education for business persons
Based on ICU’s “liberal arts” approach to education,
GLS liberates participant’s minds to make connections beyond their specialized fields.

2. English
All lectures and sessions during the program are conducted in English.
Through group work, discussion, and a project-based presention, participants strengthen
the indispensable English skill they need to be global leaders.

3. Residential Program
All participants stay at a dormitory on campus in order
to create an enriching bi-directional experience.

4. Diversity
Diversity is highly valued. Among the participants, the middle managers come from different business fields
and the graduate students come from different nationalities. The lecturers are diverse as well.
Some are professors, from ICU and from other universities. Some are executives,
from large, established companies and from start-ups. Some are consultants.
Some are entrepreneurs, both business and social entrepreneurs.
Participants are encouraged to think for themselves and to learn from this diversity.

5. GLS Network
An abundant network is formed not only during the program but also after the program
by continuing interaction between participants from diverse business fields and cultures.