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Honorary Executive Advisor, IBM Japan Ltd.,
Former Chair of the Board of Trustees, International Christian University

In order to do global business successfully, you will need not only English skills but also communication skills, mutual understanding of other cultures, and liberal arts. We would like to develop such human resources in this 2 weeks intensive program.


President, International Christian University
Director, GLS Program 

By understanding the concept of our GLS Program based on ICU’s liberal arts education, we are expecting more and more excellent business persons to join the program.
After the program, we hope all the participants will make the most of their “global mind and skill” they learned at GLS and succeed in the business field as well as in the society.




Special Assistant to the President & General Manager, 

GLS, International Christian University

Former Chairman and President, Berlitz Japan, 

Former Director, IBM Japan

GLS has experienced the 8th annual programs and has trained over 210 participants from a broad range of business sectors in Japan and the ICU graduate school.  GLS provides its participants a lot of awareness and the chances of encouraging their self-improvements in the global environment with unique and various programs within the short term.
Since 2016, shortly divided GLS program which consisted of 3 independent modules could make the participants easy to join in, and aimed to provide the more satisfying timetables and to reach the higher goal without changing the previous GLS basic concept.  This year 2019 as well, GLS will make a continuous effort to improve the program which is based on our new global challenges.

GLS hope to make a significant contribution to Japanese companies in the field of the global leader development toward the challenging global business world. GLS is looking forward to more excellent and higher potential business persons to join the program from a lot of Japanese companies.