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For ICU foreign Graduate School Students

2018/10/24 22:51 に ユーザー不明 が投稿   [ 2019/02/26 20:44 に ユーザー不明 さんが更新しました ]

Briefing Seminar to be an Assisting Fellow of GLS 2019.
Please join and have a look what GLS is and what you can obtain from GLS at this seminar.

GLS 2019 

Briefing Seminar @ Honkan #151
December 3 (Mon) 
from 13:00-13:40

Contact by November 22: glsoffice@icu.ac.jp

GLS2018 completed!

2018/09/18 21:10 に ユーザー不明 が投稿   [ 2018/10/24 23:10 に更新しました ]

GLS2018 program has successfully completed on August  25th at ICU Mitaka campus.
22 participants from 19 companies and 6 foreign graduate school students from ICU enjoyed the program!

【 GLS 2018 】
Pre-Module    June  22-23
Core-Module  July   8-21
Final- Module   August 24-25

Invitation to 2018 GLS Briefing session

2018/02/01 21:32 に ユーザー不明 が投稿   [ 2018/10/24 23:10 に更新しました ]

Briefing Session for the company will be held on February 20th at the ICU Mitaka Campus.
Please feel free to join the session, we welcome your participation!

Date:        February 20th、2018(Tue) 10:00~12:00
Venue:     International Conference room  in Dialogue House at ICU
Contents: 2018 GLS overall、site tour、Q&A   
Section :   mainly for  the person in charge of Human Resource Development
Capacity:  20  (2 people / 1 company, in order of arrival )
Fee :         free

Please take a contact us by February 9 by e-mail with telling us the items below.
・Company name
・e-mail address/Phone number

International Christian University GLS: 
Mail    glsoffice@icu.ac.jp
TEL 0422-33-3524 

GLS Alumni Annual Meeting 2017

2018/02/01 17:05 に ユーザー不明 が投稿   [ 2018/10/24 23:11 に更新しました ]

GLS Alumni Annual Meeting 2017 was held on the Saturday, December 1 at TKP Ochanomizu Conference Center in Tokyo.
Totally 54 alumni from 1st year (2011) to 7th(2017)  were gathered from all over Japan.
Mr. Ito, Mr. Han both from 1st year and special guest Sir Graham H Fry who is a former English ambassador to Japan made lectures there.

2017 GLS has successfully finished.

2017/11/15 19:11 に ユーザー不明 が投稿   [ 2018/10/24 23:11 に更新しました ]

GLS program of this year has successfully ended on August  26th at ICU Mitaka campus.
26 participants from 22 companies and 6 foreign graduate school students from ICU completed the program!

Pre-Module    June  23-24
Core-Module  July       9-22
Final- Module    August 25-26

GLS Alumni Annual Meeting 2016 has successfully ended.

2016/12/14 22:01 に ユーザー不明 が投稿   [ 2018/10/24 23:12 に ユーザー不明 さんが更新しました ]

Thanks to your support, we had the 2nd GLS Alumni Annual Meeting 2016 
on November 26 at TKP Tokyo Station Nihonbashi Conference Center.
We welcomed 37 alumni including 3 Assisting Fellows,in total 42 participants.
Please join us next time for sure!

Thank you for your participation at the GLS Seminar on Nov. 10

2016/11/10 21:45 に ユーザー不明 が投稿   [ 2018/10/24 23:12 に ユーザー不明 さんが更新しました ]

Dear ICU International Graduate Students,

Thank you for your interests in the GLS 2017.
As we informed you at the seminar, the due date for the Application Form is 
Wednesday, November 30.

We look forward to your application!
If you have any questions, please contact GLS Office at glsoffice@icu.ac.jp .  Thank you.

Invitation to GLS 2017 Seminar

2016/11/06 23:32 に katot@icu.ac.jp が投稿   [ 2016/11/06 23:34 に更新しました ]

Dear 1st year graduate students,

This is an invitation to the GLS Seminar on November 10.
・Date: Thursday, November 10  13:00-13:40
・Place: Middle Conference Room, 2F, Dialogue House
・Agenda: GLS2016 Overview, GLS2017 Schedule, Roles and Fee for Assisting Fellows,
Short speech from 2016 Assisting Fellows, etc.
If you are interested in GLS, please let us know your attendance to glsoffice@icu.ac.jp
by Wednesday, November 2.  Thank you.

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