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The voice of participants

<The voice of participants>

It was very tough but it was really precious time.
I learned many things from wonderful teachers and many types of participants who I can't meet in my usual life. It became one of my life events. 


Learned many things and also gave me a very good opportunity to meet and become good friends/team with people from different companies and backgrounds.


It is impossible to have the same or similar environment in my daily job.
So it was very effective for me to focus on English speaking, reading and listening. Thinking in English was also effective.


I begin to think my personality, strength, weakness, core values day by day.
I also try to imagine my ideal figure of global leadership and way of innovation.



I learned a lot than I expected before starting. I have never thought that there is a lot of point of view for leadership and all these courses gave me a lot of ideas, mindset changing, and power.


It was an invaluable experience for me. Various experienced teachers broadened our perspective. And during the core module, we could keep isolation from other Japanese culture, city, language, housing, and so on. It made us concentrate on the core module.  



I was so impressed by the structure and the plan of all these core module. They had different perspectives on leadership, related / not related sometimes, and I was inspired by all of them and encouraged me to think about all my life and job.



Actually, I'm on the way to my GLS Goal to be a global leader. However,  this is one of the best experience and challenge in my life.
This should be my turning point in my life. I try to keep "Open up", " Interact ", " Empower". Thank you.

私がGLSゴールとして定めた " グローバル・リーダー" 像においては、まだ道半ばにいます。ですがGLSは私の人生において、最高の経験、最高の挑戦の一つです。これを私のターニングポイントとしなくてはなりません。

GLSルールである”Open Up"、 "Interact"、"Empower" を続けていきたいと思います。ありがとうございました。


I recognized the difficulty of understanding each other. Normally in my work, I can understand more easily because we have the same company's culture. However, in this group work, we have another company or country's culture, and we couldn't understand each other easily. Firstly I must clear my opinion and secondary I have to listen to another person's opinion using active listening. I felt it was not efficient but we have other culture and we couldn't avoid this situation.



It was a really interesting one and I learned a lot from this workshop. The cycle from observation to experiment shall be fully relevant to business. When we face quite new business circumstance or difficult new tasks, we have to "observe" first and must not go to conclusion in a hurry.
Also, I could find other participants' expertise through the conversation.


We have to mind the gaps which are coming from each Identity, culture, and value. It is important to understand our gaps, have the same mindset, and respect/trust each other. And also, I learned that leaders should create a culture in our field.



All the training program was well organized and I do believe I learned a lot. I especially thought the atmosphere to use English was great for the person who does not use English during a daily job. (ICU students were the key) I hope I can keep in touch with all the members and also expect the vertical connection.


I achieve the commitment for team working because I have great team members and classmate in GLS. It is not easy to do the same thing in my office honestly but keep trying to do it.


I can understand my true value through GLS, and learn to know what's my perspective inside, and those good friends I have met in GLS will become one part of my life, my treasure. All of this will help me realize my GLS goal finally.


ICU大学院留学生: China
It was a very wonderful moment among the group. 
I really enjoyed every single day. As I never studied management, It was really difficult for me to join actively in the project work. However, we build very strong consent between and among the group members.


 ICU大学院留学生 : Nepal

Overwhelming but meaningful presentations and activities. I learned a lot from presentations, lecturers experience and most especially from participants shared stories. GLS is really a great opportunity to learn in a complete package: Body, mind, soul and well being.  My sincerest gratitude to all the people who are part of this endeavor. Great.

圧倒的で意味深いセッションやアクティビティです。 プレゼンテーションや講師陣の体験談、そして特に参加者の話を共有することから多くを学びました。 GLSは身体、意識、魂と幸福を詰め込んだ、学びのための完成されたプログラムであり、本当に素晴らしい機会です。 このプログラムに参加してくださったすべての人々に心からの感謝の意を表します。 すばらしいです。

ICU大学院留学生 : Philippines